Photo by Mohan Reddy

Deep in the heart of a dense forest, there was an abandoned airplane. The plane had been there for many years, and it was said that no one knew how it had come to be there. The forest was so thick and overgrown that it was almost impossible to find the plane, and those who did, never returned to tell the tale.

The villagers who lived near the forest whispered stories about the plane. They said that it was cursed, that it was haunted by the spirits of the pilots who had flown it. They said that anyone who went near the plane would never return.

Despite the warnings, a young man named Alex was determined to find the plane. He had always been fascinated by airplanes, and he couldn't resist the pull of the abandoned plane deep in the woods.

One day, Alex set out into the forest, determined to find the plane. He pushed his way through the thick underbrush, and after hours of searching, he finally found it.

The plane was in a terrible state, its metal frame rusted and its windows smashed. Alex was about to turn back when he heard a strange noise coming from inside the plane. He slowly climbed inside, and to his horror, he saw that the cockpit was filled with ghostly figures.

The ghostly pilots were still sitting in their seats, as if they had been frozen in time. They turned to Alex and spoke in unison, "We have been trapped here for years, unable to move on until someone finds and releases us. Please, help us find peace."

Alex was terrified, but he knew that he had to help the spirits. He searched the plane and found an old logbook, which told the story of the plane's last flight. He discovered that the plane had crashed in the forest during a storm, and the pilots had been unable to call for help. They had been stranded in the plane for days before finally succumbing to their injuries.

Alex realized that the spirits were trapped in the plane because they had died before they could complete their final mission. He knew what he had to do. He read the last entry of the logbook, in which the pilots had written their last message to the world, and then he closed the book and left the plane.

The spirits were finally able to move on, and the plane disappeared from the forest. From that day on, no one spoke of the haunted plane in the woods again. Alex kept the logbook as a reminder of the supernatural experience he had and the importance of completing one's mission before leaving this world.